Weekly Update and Bulletin From Fr. Robert Miclean – March 17, 2019

Today we celebrate the triumph of Orthodoxyand with it the consistent proclamation of the truth of who Christ is: “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6) as He is revealed to be, first through the creation, second through the prophets, and third and especially, by virtue of His Incarnation.  With the victory of the “right-believing” (Orthodox) Christians, came the defeat of all those heresies that twisted the truth that Jesus Christ is, and therefore, threatened the healing and salvation of the human race.  There’s nothing arbitrary in Holy Tradition, the faith “once delivered” to the Saints.  An Orthodox Christian today believes the same as one in the first century because our faith is about coming to know and grow in communion with God the Holy Trinity, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Indeed, this and only this is what it means to be “in communion” (koinonia): we share that same fullness of faith and life in Christ that those did who came before us did.  There are threats to the Orthodox Faith in every age, including our own.  We glorify God this day that those who’ve come before us have preserved the truth for us, that we, in turn, may come to know Him who is that Truth.  It’s incumbent on us then, likewise, to live and proclaim the same Faith—in its fullness—that others after us may come to know the one, true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, healing from the passions and life in Him.In Christ’s Love, Fr. Robert+

2019 Pledges/Commitments.  We give back a “first fruits” pledge to Christ from what He’s so mercifully given and entrusted to us.  Everything we have is a gracious gift from God.  Let us be as those servants who used their talentswisely and to God’s glory (Matt. 25:23).  If you have not done so yet, please offer your pledge of talents today.  To grow in faith and grow our Mission “in spirit and in numbers,” please give generously and faithfully. (II Cor. 9:7).  


  • TODAY 9:30 Hours, 10 Divine Liturgy, TrapezaSunday of Orthodoxy,
  • Wed, March 20, 6:30 pm,  6:30 pm, Presanctified Liturgy, Soup Supper 
  • Sat., March 23,6:00 p.m., Great VespersConfession following
  • Sun., March 24, 9:30 a.m., Hours, 10 Divine Liturgy,Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, Trapeza, Sunday School

Ahead…Mark your Calendars!

  • Mon., March 25, 10 a.m.,Divine Liturgy, Great Feast of the Annunciation, Trapeza (fish, wine, oil)
  • Holy Week 2019 begins Saturday, April 13with Divine Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday and continues until Pascha Night, April 20. Detailed Holy Week Schedule Available Next Weekend!

Confession & Reception:In keeping with OCA Guidelines, it’s the discipline at Holy Archangels to practice monthlyconfession.  If a month has passed and you’ve not made confession for good reason, or, are visiting, please talk with Fr. Robert to ask a blessing to receive prior to the serviceand before approaching the Chalice.

TRAPEZA:The lunch and fellowship served after Divine Liturgy is an important part of our Mission’s family life together.  We cannot draw closer to God if we’re not also drawing closer to each other.  To grow “in spirit and in numbers,” such fellowship is important.  Please sign up to help provide for this important ministry!

Prayer Requests: Our Mission’s Growth “in spirit & in numbers”  

  • For God’s financial provisionfor our Mission & college ministry, ACM (Annapolis Pan-Orthodox College Ministry);
  • Departed founders of our church: Archpriest George the Confessor, Gabriel, Rafael, Serafim, Basil, Rdr. Michael, 
  • Met. Isaiah of Georgia, Archbishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi of Syria, Sbn. John, Gov. Hogan, Benedict, Benjamin, Daniel, Noah, Alex, Gary, Timothy, Sophia, Vivian, Beatrice, George, Helen, Helen, Geneva, Phoenix, Sydney, Young, Liam, Eleni, Valerie, Charlotte, Anastasia, Valentina, Linda, Susan, Jessica (sister of Kelly Vernet), Michael, Elizabeth, Noah, Jocelyn, Tommy, Thomas, Johann, the Church in Georgia, Romania as they address the relativism of the West, speaking the truth in love, our persecuted brethren throughout the world, peace in Syria. 

Troparion              (Resurrection)            Tone 1            

When thestonehad been sealed by the Jews,// while the 

soldiers were guarding Thy most pure body,//Thou didst riseon the third day, O Savior,//granting lifeto the world.// “Glory to Thy Resurrection, O Christ! // Glory to Thy ^Kingdom!//

Glory to Thy dispensation, O Thou who lovest of mankind!”

Troparion              (Sunday of Orthodoxy)            Tone 2            

We venerate Thy most pure image, O GoodOne;

and ask forgiveness of our transgressions, O Christour God.

Of Thy good willThou wast pleased to ascend the Crossin The powers of heaven therefore cried to Thee, O Giver of Life:

the flesh // and deliver Thy creatures from bondage to the Enemy. // Therefore with thankfulness we cry aloudto Thee:

“Thou hast filled all with joy, O our Savior,//

for Thou alone hast cometosavethe world.”

Troparion — Tone 3

Holy Bishop Patrick, / Faithful shepherd of Christ’s royal flock, / You filled Ireland with the radiance of the Gospel: / The mighty strength of the Trinity! / Now that you stand before the Savior, / Pray that He may preserve us in faith and love!Troparion               (Angels) Tone 4            

O Commanders of the heavenly hosts, // we who are unworthy beseechyou: // by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory, // and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cryto you://Deliver us from all harm, for you are the Commanders of the Powers on high!

Kontakion — Tone 4

From slavery you escaped to freedom in Christ’s service:/He sent you to deliver Ireland from the devil’s bondage. / You planted the Word of the Gospel in pagan hearts. / In your journeys and hardships you rivaled the Apostle Paul! /Having received the reward for your labors in heaven, /Never cease to pray for the flock you have gathered on earth, /Holy bishop Patrick!

Kontakion            (from the Lenten Triodion)            Tone 8             

No one could describethe Wordof the Father;

but when He took fleshfrom thee, O Theotokos, He accepted to be described, // and restored the fallen image to its former state by uniting it to divine beauty.//

We confess and proclaimour salvation in words and images.

Kontakion               (Angels) Tone 2            

Commanders of God’s armiesand ministers of the divine glory,//princes of the bodiless Angelsandguidesof mankind

//askfor what is good for us, and for great mercy,//O Supreme Commanders of the Bodiless Hosts.

~Glory to God for All Things!~