Weekly Update and Bulletin From Fr. Robert Miclean – February 17, 2013

Now begins the time to seek Christ, His healing, and a deeper communion with Him who is life itself!  Zacchaeus Sunday has arrived and we’re reminded of Christ’s words put to action in the person of Zacchaeus: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (6:33).  Zacchaeus is a sinner, but he becomes for us an icon of repentance and confession.  He is done with defrauding others and is instead bent on this one desire: seeing Jesus, the long-awaited Savior of the human race, God incarnate—the only One who could save us.  Zacchaeus lays all his earthly cares aside to seek and see Christ.  Of all the people who came out to see Jesus that day, Zacchaeus may have had the most to overcome.  But he doesn’t let his short stature or his past sins and broken patterns stand in his way of getting himself to Christ.  Our Lord rewards his repentant spirit by receiving him, dining with him, and giving him a share in His Kingdom.  What are your handicaps to ‘seeing’ Christ, to finding healing from sin-sickness, brokenness, lack of faith, doubts, whatever sin?  Are you willing to give them up for an opportunity to see Christ, to have Him dine with you?  Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Christ will add to you all the rest you and I need.

In His love, Fr. Robert+

This week at Holy Archangels:

  • v  Wednesday, February 20, 6:30 p.m., Daily Vespers, St. John’s College Boathouse
  • v  Saturday and Sunday, Feb.  23-24 , Meet His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON on His first Visit to Holy Archangels. 
  • v  Saturday, Feb. 23, 5 p.m., Great Vespers, followed by dinner (offerings welcome);
  • v  Sunday, Feb. 24,10am Divine Liturgy with His Beatitude followed by festive Trapeza

Looking Ahead: Save the Dates!

  • v  Sunday, March 3, First Holy Archangels Annual Meeting, all members welcome!
  • v  Sunday, March 10, Meat Fare, Baptism of Noel and Nini’s baby, Emiliane.
  • v  Sunday, March 17, Divine Liturgy—Sunday of Forgiveness and Cheesefare.  Forgiveness Vespers with the Rite of Forgiveness to follow Trapeza.  All are encouraged to attend as we begin Lent together in the spirit of mutual forgiveness!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for God’s ongoing financial provision for our Mission.
  • Please pray for our Mission that we may find a Choir Director and that we may continue to grow in spirit and in numbers as a living witness of God’s love, healing, power, and glory.
  • Healing for Fr. George Johnson, Viorica, Benedict, Marina, Colette, Mary, Carol, Katherine, Leah and her baby, and for the souls of the departed Drew, Dorothy.

Troparion              (Resurrection) Tone 4
When the women Disciples of the Lord
learned from the Angel the joyous message of the Resurrection,
they cast away the ancestral curse // and elatedly told the Apostles:
“Death is overthrown! // Christ God is risen,//
granting the world great mercy!”
Troparion (Theodore the Recruit) Tone 2           
Great are the accomplishments of faith.
The holy martyr Theodore rejoiced in the flames as though in the still waters of rest.
Consumed in the fire, he was offered up as a sacrifice to the Trinity.//
So by his prayers, O Christ God, save our souls!
Troparion (Holy Archangels)            Tone 4
Commanders of the heavenly hosts, // we who are unworthy beseech you:
by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory,
and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cry to you://
“Deliver us from all harm, for you are the Commanders of the Powers on high!”
Kontakion            (Resurrection)Tone 4
My Savior and Redeemer
as God rose from the tomb and delivered the earth-born from their chains.
He has shattered the gates of hell, // and as Master,//
He has risen on the third day!
Kontakion (Theodore the Recruit) Tone 8
Having accepted in your heart, as a shield, the faith of Christ,
you trampled down the adverse powers, O greatly-suffering One.
Therefore, you have been eternally crowned with a heavenly diadem,
since you are invincible, O Theodore.
Kontakion            (Holy Archangels)Tone 2
Commanders of God’s armies // and ministers of the divine glory,
princes of the bodiless Angels // and guides of mankind;
ask for what is good for us, and for great mercy,//
Supreme Commanders of the Bodiless Hosts.

37th Sunday after Pentecost (Sunday of Zacchaeus/Great Martyr Theodore the Recruit)