We are Moving to a Bigger Space and We Need Your Help

God has opened up an opportunity for us to take a giant step of faith into larger space into our current building.  A $5,000 MATCHING GRANT has been offered us.  We have another $3,500 to raise.  Please be generous in contributing to our YOUCARING fundraiser to help us expand our Mission, bookstore, outreach, and ministries, as well as making more room for growth “in spirit and in numbers.”
More info is below about how the move can help benefit and expand our ministries in Annapolis, with your support.

Expanding the Mission: God-given Opportunity!
Holy Archangels Mission, Annapolis was been offered a $5,000 matching grant with a challenge to raise another $5,000 by  with the express directive that the funds be used to move into a much larger, front space in our current building by April 1.  This is an exciting, God-given opportunity to double our Mission’s worship space, enlarge our bookstore, engage in outreach directly on West Street, and make room for more families.

Every extra gift (outside of tithes and pledges) will help get us to that goal and the ability to make use of this generous offering.  Please share this good newswith your friends, family, and members of your church community so we can meet this challenge and grow Christ’s holy Church.

Expand the Mission: Purpose of Moving into Larger Space 

  1. Expand our sometimes crowded worship space and make room for new families and individuals God brings our way;
  2. Expand our Opportunities for Outreach and Evangelism, being directly on West Street in a large, front space;
  3. Expand our Mission’s Bookstore and Icon Shop (the new space has a large front window space;
  4. Expand Fundraising Opportunities by making use of the large, wide sidewalk on West Street in front of the new space.

Please give now to help us expand the mission