Regular Bible Study Series on Wednesdays in Annapolis, MD

At Holy Archangels Orthodox Mission we value study and growth in the knowledge of the scriptures.

We are committed to have regular studies on Wednesday evenings during the year when liturgical services are not prescribed. We have a great group of orthodox and non-orthodox christians who engage weekly. We welcome new participants!

Starting on September 20th we are studying the book of Daniel.

Daniel is a book of great importance for us in understanding the prophesies of the Messiah, of the End Times, and of how we should live out our faith as Christians in a culture that increasingly tells us what we should believe and when we can pray.
Join us any time. All are welcome.

Earlier in the Year we completed a study on the Book of Acts. A look at our bible study guides can be found here.

Check back often to see what new bible studies we are doing at Holy Archangels