Metropolitan Tikhon’s First Visit

Orthodox Annapolis Met. Tikhon

Met.Tikhon, Fr. Robert, Rdr. Zenon and Family

Beloved in Christ!  It’s with great joy that I express to you how proud I am of our church family this day, having welcomed His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON in our midst for the first time, and demonstrated great love and hospitality toward our bishop and our visitors and guests.  I want to especially thank those who came early to set up the temple and the dinner, those who brought and provided food and wine, and those who stayed late to help clean up.  Christ is truly in our midst and God is glorified by your love and service toward Him and His holy Church.

I also want to express my thanksgiving to God for Rdr. Zenon, Noel, who was tonsured today by His Beatitude at Holy Archangels, and Nino, who was churched this day.  Many years!

Below are some of the many pictures of Metropolitan Tikhon’s visit. You can also read the article about the visit at OCA.ORG