Orthodox Homily for the Great Feast of Theophany

At this Great Feast of Theophany we bring into the present Christ’s holy Baptism into the waters of the Jordan.  At first glance, the Feast of the Holy Theophany may appear to be solely the remembrance of Christ’s baptism.  Indeed, some non-Orthodox teach that we celebrate Christ’s baptism solely that we may be obedient and “follow Christ’s […]

29th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily for Sunday before Theophany

Today is both a day of preparation as it is a day of decision.  In earthly terms, a new year has dawned on us.  We’ve entered into a new time, filled with new decisions, new joys, new trials, and new opportunities.  We’re also on the threshold of the Great Feast of Christ’s baptism and our own baptism intoChrist and […]

28th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily for Sunday after Nativity

The Nativity of Christ is never just a one day celebration for the Orthodox faithful.  It’s important for us as Orthodox in this land to keep the Feast, to remember what it means to ‘baptize’ the culture with the light of the truth of Christ and His holy Church.  If we truly want to bring Christ to […]

Orthodox Homily for the Great Feast of the Nativity of Christ

On this glorious day where heaven and earth meet, we celebrate God’s Incarnation in-the-flesh.  In so doing, we do more than commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Through our worship, we call into the present all those glorious and life-saving events surrounding Christ’s miraculous birth.  This is the day on which God has fashioned all […]

27th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily for Sunday before Nativity and Ancestors of Christ

Today on the Sunday before Nativity, we remember the genealogy of Christ, those who prefigure Him.  Matthew’s Gospel for today intentionally traces Jesus Christ’s lineage through Abraham and recounts Christ’s lineage not thru Mary but thru Joseph, Christ’s earthly father through adoption.  In doing so, he gives us another ‘sign-posts’ of our salvation: Jesus Christ, Himself adopted […]

26th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily on the Forefathers

Today is the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers of Christ.  The Lord calls on us this day to recall His earthly forefathers through whom God the Father prepares the way for the holy Incarnation of His Word, the Logos of God..   On this day, we begin to ponder in advance of the Feast of His holy […]

Weekly Update and Bulletin From Fr. Robert Miclean – December 15, 2019

The Sunday that falls between December 11-17 is known as the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers, the ancestors of Christ according to the flesh who lived before the Law and under the Law, especially the Patriarch Abraham, to whom God said, “In thy seed shall all of the nations of the earth be blessed” (Gen. […]

25th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily on the Healing of the Ten Lepers

Ten lepers appeal to Christ God for healing that they know that He alone can give.  While all ten are healed, only one returns to Christ, prostrating himself before Him who gives life to all, thanking Him for the healing he’s received.  You and I have been given healing as well.  We’ve received the greatest of gifts—something greater […]

24th Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily on The Rich Ruler

Today’s Gospel relates the true story of a ruler who’s kept the major commandments of God but neglected the conversion of his soul.  In the eyes of the world, the ruler is a ‘good,’ upstanding man.  He’s outwardly followed the commandments and not committed any of the ‘big sins.’  But he comes to Jesus looking to be reaffirmed, justified […]

23rd Sunday after Pentecost – Orthodox Homily on Incarnation and Second Coming

One of the most beautiful and beloved pieces of classical music for Advent, this holy season of preparation for Christ’s holy Nativity, is Bach’s popular cantata “Sleepers awake!”  The title refers to a common theme of the Holy Scriptures, and, therefore, of our Orthodox Faith, that of alertness and readiness to meet the Lord, a theme […]