A Big Opportunity to Expand the Mission – GoFundMe

Holy Archangels Moving Opportunity:
Enable us to Move to a Bigger Space and Grow our Outreach Ministry!

Glory to Jesus Christ!  Glory to Him forever!  Holy Archangels Orthodox Mission in Annapolis, MD, has been offered the opportunity to move into a much larger space in the same building we now worship in if we can raise the necessary funds.  The new, larger space has direct street access and would allow us to more easily engage with the community for outreachexpand our bookstore and Icon shop, and enlarge our worship space to accommodate more families and individuals whom God brings to us for many years to come.

We cannot afford to move on our own. To help us meet this challenge we started a GoFundMe campaign. Please enable us to grow our outreach and ministries in downtown Annapolis to the glory of God the Holy Trinity with your most generous gift.

Our goal is to raise a total of $10,000 between now and Christmas (Nativity), 25 December, to make this Christmas miracle possible.

Two Important Ways You Can Help 

1) Please go to our GoFundMe campaign and click Donate Now. No gift is too small or large from $1 to $1,000. Each gift is a blessing and encouragement.

2) Next, click on the Share on Facebook Button or Share on Twitter Button to share the opportunity with friends and family who have a heart for the Church. Research shows that you can increase the value of your contribution by 3x just by sharing your support.


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