Weekly Update and Bulletin From Fr. Robert Miclean – November 11 2012

23rd Sunday after Pentecost (Martyrs Menas, Victor, and Vincent/Venerable Theodore the Confessor)

Welcome to Holy Archangels Orthodox Church (OCA)! We’re glad to have you worshipping the Holy Trinity with us! If you are new or are worshiping with us for the first time, please introduce yourself to our priest, Fr. Robert Miclean, after the service.

This week we begin the Fast of the Nativity, Advent, which means “the coming.” During these six weeks, a mini-Lent, we prepare to receive Christ and celebrate His Incarnation in-the-flesh, His glorious and miraculous birth from the Virgin Mary. The Nativity Fast is an opportunity to grow in our selflessness, our love for God and our fellow man. We do so through prayer and fasting, hymnody, increased alms giving and concern for the spiritually and physically needy. This week as we begin the Fast, we’re given the example of the Good Samaritan, an image of Christ Himself. May we through the Fast and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives this holy and joyous season of preparation, emulate our Lord God and Savior in His example to the “least of these.” As we ourselves heal and grow in Christ and His likeness, may we re-double our efforts to attend, not only to the temporal needs of those around us, but more importantly, to the needs of the immortal souls of those in need of Christ and His Church whom God brings our way. Come, Lord Jesus!
Concerning the Nativity Fast:

  • Begins Wednesday, 14 November and continues to the Feast of the Nativity, 25 Dec.
  • While not as strict as Great Lent, no meat (except fish) or dairy should be eaten without a blessing. Please talk to Fr. Robert if you have any special considerations or needs concerning your participation in the fast for health or other issues.
  • Please otherwise consult the church calendar for the specific Saints remembered each day of the Fast and any dispensations for fasting.
  • In this mission, all parishioners have Fr. Robert’s blessing to participate in Thanksgiving Day celebrations, Thursday, Nov. 22, and to partake of meat, dairy as we thank God for His blessings.

Psa./Mat. Krissy and I want to thank everyone for their prayers for James Robert (Iacob) at his baptism and chrismation. We praise God for His new life in Christ and ask your prayers for his continued growth and deification, further up and further in the life of the Holy Trinity.
This week at Holy Archangels:

  • Nov. 12-14, Fr. Robert away for the Special All-American Council election of a new Metropolitan for the OCA and Archbishop for the Archdiocese of Washington.
  • Nov. 15, Thursday, beginning of Nativity Fast (Advent)
  • Saturday, Nov. 16, 6 p.m., Great Vespers with the Matins Gospel. Confession following.
  • Sunday, Nov. 17, 9:30 Hours and Divine Liturgy followed by Trapeza.

Looking Ahead: Save the Dates!

  • Tuesday, Nov. 20, Great Vespers with Litya for the Feast of the Entrance, 6:30 p.m.
  • Wed., Nov. 21, Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, Divine Liturgy, 10 a.m.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for our Mission that we may find a full-time Choir Director.
  • Please pray for Azariah (Brian) as he looks for a teaching position.
  • Please pray for healing for Fr. George Johnson, Viorica, Benedict
  • For the upcoming Special Electoral All-American Council, Nov. 13.
  • For the family of the departed Michael, wife Tamara, and son, Jonathon

Troparion (Resurrection) Tone 6
The angelic powers were at Your tomb;
the guards became as dead men.
Mary stood by Your grave,
seeking Your most pure body.
You took captive hell,//
not being tempted by it.
You came to the Virgin, granting life.//
O Lord, Who rose from the dead, glory to You.
granting the world great mercy.

Troparion (for the Martyrs) Tone 4
Your holy martyrs Menas, Victor, Vincent, and Stephanida, O Lord,
through their sufferings have received incorruptible crowns from You, our God.
For having Your strength, they laid low their adversaries,
and shattered the powerless boldness of demons.
Through their intercessions, save our souls!

Troparion (Venerable Theodore) Tone 8
Champion of Orthodoxy, teacher of purity and of true worship,
enlightener of the universe and adornment of hierarchs:
all-wise Father Theodore, your teachings have gleamed with light upon all things.
Intercede before Christ God to save our souls!

Kontakion (Resurrection) Tone 6
When Christ God the Giver of Life,
raised all of the dead from the valleys of misery with His mighty hand,
He bestowed resurrection on the human race.//
He is the Savior of all, the Resurrection, the Life, and the God of all.

Kontakion (for the Martyrs) Tone 8
Today the Church honors those who fought the good fight and died for their faith:
the victorious Menas, the noble Victor, and the ascetic Vincent.
The Church glorifies their divine struggle and cries out with love:
“Glory to You, O Christ, Lover of mankind!”

Kontakion (Venerable Theodore) Tone 2
Your ascetic life, equal to an Angel’s,
made you radiant through your athlete’s contest;
blessed by God, O Theodore, you became a companion of the Angels,
with whom you unceasingly intercede for us all.