2012 June 10 – All Saints

1ST Sunday after Pentecost: All Saints.

Welcome to Holy Archangels Orthodox Church (OCA)! We’re glad to have you worshipping the Holy Trinity with us! If you are new or are worshiping with us for the first time, please introduce yourself to our priest, Fr. Robert Miclean, after the service.

Before His Ascension, Christ promised that the Father would send His disciples the Spirit to “lead them into all truth.”  Having proclaimed Himself as that Truth and demonstrated this divine reality to all by virtue of His power over sickness and death, sin itself, we see the Holy Spirit working healing in our lives through the Sacraments, our prayers, our struggles, and by God’s grace and mercy, leading us further up and further in the way, the truth, and the life that Christ is, as He makes us into the Saints He’s called us to be.  But how comparatively little we let God work in us, how seldom we avail ourselves of the riches of His mercy, how casually we sometimes treat His many gifts.  Sunday attendance is a start, but it is by no means enough to enable us to take full advantage of the work of the Holy Spirit.  May we each be open to desiring more of God the Holy Trinity in our life this new season of Pentecost, working in us and through us to His glory, increasing our attendance and participation in the divine services and Sacraments, taking seriously the divine calling daily on each of us.  In this way, we will all in time become ‘icons’ of Christ’s love and truth and persevere in the ‘race of faith.’

Apostles’ Fast begins…

The Apostles’ Fast, which begins tomorrow (Monday), is one of the four fasting seasons of the Church year.  While its length is variable from year to year, its purpose remains as a time to prepare to remember Christ’s abiding presence in His Church through the Holy Spirit, working through the authority of the Apostles and their successors that He Himself established.  During the Fast, it is traditional for us all to make confession and re-double our efforts to cooperate with the healing and growing work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as we ready ourselves to celebrate the Feast (June 29).  Tuesdays and Thursdays are wine and oil days.  Fish, wine, and oil are permitted on the weekends.

In Christ’s love and wishing you a blessed Apostles’ Fast,

Fr. Robert+


This week at Holy Archangels:

  • Sunday June 10,  2:30, Fr Robert and Matushka Krissy’s Baby Shower
  • Monday June 11, Sts. Peter and Paul Fast begins
  • Saturday, June 16, 6 p.m.,Great Vespers with the Matins Gospel. Confession following.
  • Sunday, June 17,  9:30 Hours, 10am Divine Liturgy followed by Trapeza

Looking Ahead:

  • Wednesday, June 20, 7 p.m., Continuing Bible Study on the Gospel of St. John at the St. John’s Boathouse.
  • Friday, June 29, Sts. Peter and Paul Feast, Services TBD

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Azariah (Brian) and Brayton in your prayers as they look for work.
  • Please keep David, Vera, Anastasia in your prayers for healing.
  • Please pray for our Mission that we may find a full-time Choir Director.


Troparion              (Resurrection) Tone 8           
You descended from on high, O Merciful One!
You accepted the three day burial to free us from our sufferings!//
O Lord, our Life and Resurrection, glory to You!

Troparion              (from the Pentecostarion) Tone 4
As with fine porphyry and royal purple,
Your Church has been adorned with Thy martyr’s blood shed throughout all the world.
She cries to Thee, O Christ God:
“Send down Thy bounties on Thy people,//
grant peace to Thy habitation and great mercy to our souls!”

Troparion            (Holy Archangels)  Tone 4
Commanders of the heavenly hosts,
we who are unworthy beseech you,
by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory,
and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cry to you:
“Deliver us from all harm, for you are the commanders of the powers on high!”

Kontakion            (from the Pentecostarion) Tone 8            
The universe offers You the God-bearing Martyrs
as the first fruits of creation, O Lord and Creator.
By their prayers keep Your Church, Your habitation, in abiding peace//
through the Theotokos, O most Merciful One!

Kontakion            (Holy Archangels) Tone 2
Commanders of God’s armies and ministers of the divine glory,
princes of the bodiless angels and guides of mankind,
ask for what is good for us, and for great mercy,
supreme commanders of the Bodiless Hosts.