2012, February 26 – Sunday of Cheesefare

Sunday of Cheesefare (The Expulsion of Adam from Paradise/St Porphyrius, Bishop of Gaza)                                                                        TONE  4

Welcome to Holy Archangels Orthodox Church (OCA)! We’re glad to have you worshiping the Holy Trinity with us! If you are new or are worshiping with us for the first time, please introduce yourself to our priest, Fr. Robert Miclean, after the service.

The Beginning of the Fast of Great and Holy Lent:

“The fast without mutual love is the fast of demons!”—Metropolitan Kallistos Ware.  A true Lent is a spiritual journey of rejuvenation for our souls and cleansing for our bodies.  Our fasting is meant to be an outward manifestation to help and accompany the inward repentance of our souls and this starts with prayer through the services of the Church: Forgiveness Vespers, the Canon of St. Andrew, the Presanctified Liturgies.  Many Orthodox avail themselves of these services to make confession the first week of the Fast for this reason.   Clean Monday is a day when the faithful traditionally put away things that may distract them from their focus on Christ and harm their spiritual effort to fast from entertainment and other mindless activities.  Many find it helpful to clean their house on Monday as well, praying as they work.  In all our endeavors during the Great Fast, we want to make spiritual progress in re-doubling our efforts to keep our focus on Christ.  When our mind wanders from Him, we strive hard to come back to Him—as often as necessary.  As we discipline our minds and our bodies through repentance, we strengthen our souls, not just for this holy season, but so that, come Pascha, we may be further changed into the likeness of Christ.  May we each endeavor to make the most of the opportunity to cooperate with Christ and His Church during this holy season!

In Christ’s love and wishing you a blessed Fast,

Fr. Robert+


This week at Holy Archangels (The Sacrament of Repentance will be offered after each service this week):

  • Clean Monday, February 27, BEGINNING OF GREAT AND HOLY LENT
  • Tuesday, February 28, 7 p.m. Great Compline and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, St. John’s Boathouse.
  • Wednesday, February 29, 6:30 p.m., Presanctified Liturgy.  Fasting potluck and first of seven homilies by Fr. George Calciu, St. John’s College Boathouse.
  • Friday, March 2, 6pm, Molieben to St. Theodore and Great Compline to St. Raphael, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church (set up is for the entire weekend)
  • Saturday, March 3, 5 p.m., Vigil. 
  • Sunday, March 4, Hours at 9:30 and Divine Liturgy at 10 a.m
  • Sunday, March 4, 6 p.m. Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers with His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH, will be celebrated at Holy Cross Orthodox Church (105 N. Camp Meade Rd., Linthicum, MD—near BWI)


Looking Ahead:

  • OCF Real Break Romania Mission trip: March 9-17Please pray for Fr. Robert and his team, including Helen and Heathryn, as they serve the children of Valea Plopului.Fr. Robert will be available by phone only in case of pastoral emergency.  Please call Psa./Mat. Krissy to relay: 914.275.5746.
  • During Fr. Robert’s absence, Fr. David Alexander will be serving on Saturday, March 10, for Great Vespers and Sunday, March 10-11 for Divine Liturgy.



Troparion              (Resurrection) Tone 4           

When the women Disciples of the Lord
learned from the Angel the joyous message of the Resurrection,
they cast away the ancestral curse
and elatedly told the Apostles:
Death is overthrown!
Christ God is risen,//
granting the world great mercy!”

Troparion            (Holy Archangels)  Tone 4

Commanders of the heavenly hosts,
we who are unworthy beseech you,
by your prayers encompass us beneath the wings of your immaterial glory,
and faithfully preserve us who fall down and cry to you:
“Deliver us from all harm, for you are the commanders of the powers on high!”

Kontakion            (Resurrection) Tone 4                       

My Savior and Redeemer
as God rose from the tomb and delivered the earth-born from their chains.
He has shattered the gates of hell,
and as Master,//
He has risen on the third day!

Kontakion            (from the Lenten Triodion) Tone 6            

O Master, Teacher of wisdom,
Bestower of virtue,
Who teaches the thoughtless and protects the poor,
strengthen and enlighten my heart!
O Word of the Father,
let me not restrain my mouth from crying to You:
“Have mercy on me, a transgressor,
O merciful Lord!”

Kontakion            (Holy Archangels) Tone 2

Commanders of God’s armies and ministers of the divine glory,
princes of the bodiless angels and guides of mankind,
ask for what is good for us, and for great mercy,
supreme commanders of the Bodiless Hosts. 


Holy Archangels
Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH
Sunday, February 26, 2012
Epistle: Romans 13:11-14:4
Gospel: Matthew 6:14-21
The Rev. Fr. Robert Miclean — Priest-in-Charge
262-844-2369 Fr.RobertMiclean@gmail.com