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All of our services are held at our new space at Circle Office Centre at 47a Spa Road, Annapolis, MD 21401. You can get specific directions by clicking the directions button in the map below.

NEW: Parking Instructions
Parking weekdays and Saturdays available on West Street and in the neighborhood off Amos Garrett Blvd. (first right heading East/downtown).  We learned that as of last week the parking lot on Amos Garrett is no longer free on Sundays. On Sundaysfree parking is offered until 1 pm and Just $1 per hour following directly across the street from our location at the “Park Place Garage” located in the Westin Hotel Plaza. We now recommend everyone park at the Park Place Garage from now on. You can learn the exact location of the garage and get more info at the following link. Feel free to contact Fr. Robert with any questions.  The garage on Amos Garrett is no longer free on Sundays.  Please do not park in the parking lot in front of Circle Office Centre. That parking is reserved parking (it must be purchased by tenants of the Office centre) and your car could get towed.


We have been granted extra parking spaces for Pascha night.  Single ladies, families, and visitors will have priority to these spaces.  You can park in any of the Circle Center spaces OTHER than those for COMPASS ROSE.

Our Wednesday Adult education classes (when in session) are held now at our 47a Spa Road Location